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Born out of passion for the sport, our mission is to support and inspire athletes of all levels, ages and abilities to achieve their personal best. Our club encourages participation in multi-discipline sports as a means of achieving personal growth, maintaining personal fitness, developing self-confidence, and fostering a sense of accomplishment among all members.  So if it's your 1st triathlon or your 100th, your 1st open water swim or your 1st Ironman, our members will be there to support you every step of the way!  




Once apon a time, in the Jersey Shore communities of North Wildwood and Stone Harbor, lived four friends who shared a passion for triathlons, a want to inspire others, and a need to have a good time. Together they trained, laughed, and dreamt of one day starting their very own triathlon club.  But there was one condition! It had to be equal parts work and equal parts fun. Hence the motto, "work hard to play hard," was adopted and they have been sharing their love for the sport with others ever since!

work hard to play hard